Filiz Odabas Geldiay

Filiz Odabas Geldiay

Board Member

Filiz Odabas-Geldiay (Board Member) is the Executive Director of International Association for Human Values and one of the founders of Ataturk Society of America.

In her previous position, she organized World Children’s Day events at the UN General Assembly based on the principles of April 23 Turkish National Children’s Day. The event annually attracted 1200 children from 141 countries. She was the Washington correspondent for the USA edition of Hurriyet and also published articles in the Washington Post and Nation’s Business. Her engagements include serving on the Secretary’s Subcommittee for Women at the U.S. State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy; Private Sector Advisor on the US Delegation to the Third APEC Senior Officials Meeting; and Lessons Learned Working Group at USIP. She spoke about Ataturk’s reforms for Turkish women at the US State Department, George Washington University, Harvard Club of Washington, among others. Filiz was selected as one of the Nation’s Top 90 Women Mentoring Leaders at the Global Women Mentoring Summit. Filiz holds M.A. in Communications & Conflict Management from American University.

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