"Peace at Home,
Peace in the World!"

The Atatürk Society of America (ASA) is an independent non-profit organization founded 1995 in Washington DC, with the objective of promoting the ideals of Atatürk’s political legacy.

ASA understands Atatürk’s political philosophy to be:

  • Sovereignty belongs to the people.
  • People alone administer people.
  • Public sovereignty cannot be shared with any other authority, including religious authority.
  • Secular education ensures public sovereignty and rationality in politics.
  • For progress, science and reason must supersede superstition and dogma.
  • Contemporary civilization is the common heritage of humankind.
  • Peace at home and peace in the world assures the universality of civilization.

Towards this objective the ASA organizes scholarly lectures, provides research fellowships, develops a resource and reference center, and makes presentations regarding the importance of Atatürk’s political philosophy for international prosperity and peace.


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