Expansion and Renovation of Village School in Anatolia by Atatürk Society of America

ON 1999

ASA founded public joint elementary & middle school in Turkey’s Tokat province which feeds from five villages and serves roughly 200 students in 2013.  In this continued project of educational infrastructure sustainability, the Ataturk Society provided a library, a computer room, computers, music room, musical instruments (including a piano) and other necessities in an effort to support underprivileged children’s education. ASA has paid particular attention to sanitation, toilet and security, specifically for girls due to the broken condition of the toilet/washroom prior to the renovation. The project expanded the school building in order to offer indoor facilities.

For the first time, students had access to a multi-string instrument and classic music devices. Atatürk promoted progress through contemporary music and aimed to build bridges between modern Turkey and the secular western world through Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

As Kemal Atatürk stated, “A population without music and the arts lacks one of its most important arteries.”


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